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March 2019

Downtown Merchant Monday Spotlight- Olson’s Martial Arts

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Meet Amanda, Glenn, Keith and Katie Olson! They are owners of Olson’s Martial Arts in Downtown Johnson City. They all have a huge passion for martial arts and believe it is an activity for everyone of all ages.

What is your favorite thing about martial arts?

Amanda said, “My favorite thing as an instructor of martial arts is seeing people accomplish things they never thought were possible”.

What made you want to be in Downtown Johnson City?

The Olson’s needed more space and thought it was fun to be part of the re-birth of the downtown area. “Seeing the area grow and come to life was awesome to see”.

Favorite downtown restaurant?

Southern Craft or Korean Taco

How long has the business been in Downtown Johnson City?

Originally, the business was on N. Roan Street for 22 years, but they have been downtown for 2.5 years.

How did you get involved in martial arts?

Amanda was ten years old when she started. Her little brother started taking classes and she thought it looked like fun. “I never looked back and continue to train, learn and teach”.

What is a fun fact about martial arts?

Their youngest student is 4 years old and the oldest is around 80.

Where is your business located?

113 Cherry St. #10, Johnson City, TN 37604

Downtown “Merchant Monday Spotlight”- Owl’s Nest

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Owl’s Nest

Meet Jessica and Brian Moore, owners of the Owl’s Nest in Downtown Johnson City. Owl’s Nest is a consignment store which clothes for kids, adults, and infants as well as toys and home decor!

Where did the name Owl’s Nest come from?

Originally, Jessica and Brian owned 2 consignment stores on Roan Street. The Little Hoot was focused on kids clothing and The Nest targeted adult clothing. They combined the two names to incorporate kids and adults clothing into one store.

Why did you decide to move to Downtown Johnson City?

“It chose us”. They saw the building and called the realtor to get more information. The realtor told them she was writing up a proposal to come to them first because so many people recommended them to take that space. They saw potential for the space and signed a contract. A year later, Owl’s Nest opened.

Fun fact about the business?

They are a “mom & pop” business. Jessica and Brian have been married for 15 years. Their family is from Louisiana and they relocated to Johnson City after the hurricane.

How long have you been in Johnson City?***

9 years the business has been

How do you balance work/family life?

They have 4 kids, 2 still at home. “It has been a challenge at times but it’s super cool how my husband and I will share the duties of family life. We bring work into family and family into work”. Jessica shared how her kids know that business is part of their family and they help whenever they can.

Where is your business located?

113 Cherry Street #80, Johnson City, TN 37604

Facebook Page:

Owl’s Nest Store



Downtown “Merchant Monday Spotlight” – Main Street Pizza Company

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Main Street Pizza Company 

Meet Elise and Jamie, owners of the amazing Main Street Pizza Company! If you’re wanting a delicious piece of pizza, some wings or just a cocktail, Main Street is the place to be.

How long has Main Street been in business?

10 years in January.

How old were you when you first got started in the restaurant business?

Elise was 15 and Jamie got into it when he met Elise.

What is a fun fact about Main Street?

They work hard at growing & sourcing local food served at the restaurant. What a lot of people don’t know is Elise and Jamie also own River Creek Farm, located in Limestone, Tennessee where they grow a lot of their food that they serve in the restaurant. They think it’s important to grow locally, to try and keep small scale vegetable farming alive. Another benefit to growing locally is that it makes the access to high quality food easier. To add to the fun fact list, Jamie served before becoming small business owner.

Why downtown Johnson City?

Both Elise and Jamie are ETSU graduates, they have a love for the area and they believe it’s about putting down roots where you live.

Favorite food/drink on the menu?

Food: spaghetti marinara with meatballs

Drink: six-four sour. What makes the drink so good is they make the blue curacao themselves.

Favorite thing to do downtown?

Walking around and catching up with other downtown owners. Seeing other friends that are musicians play at local venues and going to the Willow Tree to grab coffee.

Where is your business located?

300 E Main Street Suite 101, Johnson City, TN 37601