Yee-Haw’s founding home is located in the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina depot station, aka the Tweetsie depot, right in the heart of Johnson City.

Downtown Johnson City is experiencing tremendous growth, and Yee-Haw is proud to be a part of its revitalization. We see the brewery as a gathering place for the community, and for visitors from near and far.

 Yee-Haw Brewing Co. is about fun, and about balance. We provide a mix of the finest ales and lagers, including our World Beer Cup award-winning Dunkel. Our beer is bold and flavorful, but easy to drink. Our year round Pilsner, Pale Ale, Eighty shilling Scottish Ale and Dunkel dark lager are here to be your go-to staples, while our diverse seasonals give you a chance to try something exciting and new.

¬†Whichever flavor fits you fancy, order it loudly, and don’t forget to share.