Downtown Merchant Monday Spotlight- Cross Stitch & Crafts

By April 29, 2019Uncategorized

Cross Stitch & Crafts

Meet Sandra and Fred! They are downtown business owners and residents. Sandra has a passion for cross stitch and for Downtown Johnson City. If you are new to cross stitch, or need some more supplies, Cross Stitch & Crafts has it all! The art of cross stitch has changed so much because of all the new colors and fibers that are now available. Sandra and Fred stay busy year-round and have over a million items in the shop.

How did you develop a passion for cross stitch?

“I was born with it”. Sandra has been stitching since she was 6.

How long have you been in Downtown Johnson City?

The business has been downtown for 21 years.

Do you see cross stitching becoming less or more popular or staying the same?

Unfortunately, less popular because Sandra’s clients/customers are aging out.

What was your career prior to Cross Stitch and Crafts?

Nursing. Sandra graduated from ETSU.

What is it like to be a downtown business owner and resident?

Sandra and Fred love living downtown. One of Sandra’s favorite parts of being downtown is being able to walk almost everywhere. Prior to being downtown residents, they lived in North Johnson City but the building they were living in was having to be torn down. The real estate was reasonable at the time they were looking to relocate so they made the choice to be downtown and fell in love with Johnson City all over again.

What is the “and Crafts” part to your business?

Originally, it was going to be “finished crafts” such as crafts done with punch needle, needlepoint canvas that have the same fibers but different bases for them. When it comes to ordering kits, they can pretty much order anything you need. During the interview, Sandra added, “Couples will come in and look around the store and say, “okay we can move here”.

Where is your business located?

240 E W Main Street #200, Johnson City, TN 37604