Fall is here and many eyes are near,

You can find us high or find us low,

These clues will lead you right where you need to go!

Join us for our first annual Downtown “Eyes on the Prize” scavenger hunt! From now through January 30th, explore Downtown Johnson City and search for the googly eyes located outside some of our local businesses!

Found one? Scan the QR code and you’ll find all the clues here! Take a picture with the googly eyes and once you find all 8, send in your pictures to to claim a goody bag!

*Must submit photos or let us know each place you found the eyes to get a goody bag*

Happy hunting, Johnson City!

Eyes on the Prize Hints:

  1. Machen wir eine Reise nach Deutschland!

  2. These eyes have traveled back in time in a *flash*, make sure you find them fast! Hint: find me where there is local “heat.”
  3. *Cue guitar solo* – Start strummin’ this way and look for a set of eyes laid in the doorway!
  4. You can find us at night or in the day, we’ll be here getting fit our way!
  5. Find me with a needle and thread or somewhere you can sew; there are many places my eyes can go!
  6. We don’t have a queen or a princess per se, but we do have a “Lady” preserved in the spray. Be very careful, don’t fall in; stand to her side, take a picture, and grin!
  7. I can see the Johnson City sign from here! I’m hanging out with many animal pals… oh look! There’s even an owl!
  8. In this space, we can race or walk with our family at a slow pace. Cross the bridge to the other side and see if you can spy my googly eyes!