Enjoy your time downtown by taking part in the Wildabout Walkabout scavenger huntThe scavenger hunt features 15 bronze sculptures that were created by students from the ETSU Department of Art and Design.

The animals were inspired from the “Wildabout” mural that is in King Commons. All the sculptures represent animals that are indigenous to the region – and some will be unexpected! Families are encouraged to learn more about these animals after their adventure. 

Clues for the scavenger hunt can be picked up at the Johnson City Public Library, Little Animals Brewery, Cakebuds and Olsen’s Martial Arts Academy.  The scavenger hunt can be started on either end of the historic district, it goes from the library, through Kings Commons and on the 200 and 300 blocks of Main Street and in the Downtown Square sidewalks. You can start at any location along the path. 

Pick up a copy of the Wildabout Walkabout Scavenger Hunt at these four downtown locations: Johnson City Public Library, CakeBuds, Little Animals Brewing, and at Olsen’s Martial Arts Academy!

Use the clues below to find all fifteen sculptures, and don’t forget to look both up and down!

With my house on my back, I’m tiny and slow,

In France, my name is escargot!

HINT: “Check me out” near the entrance of a building filled with books!

You won’t find tapirs around town today,

But you might spot a fossil while you play!

HINT:  Explore Johnson City’s Natural Playground!

Near the “Wildabout” mural, on the ground,

Coyote footprints can be found.

HINT:  Try boulder hopping for a better view.

In King Commons, after the rain,

You can spy me near the drain.

HINT:  Follow the concrete path between the beer garden and the JC sign!

This insect has climbed a wall, not a tree,

Watching artists at work at #133. 

HINT:  Look for me between burritos and bikes!

My eyes are huge and I’m really wise

I play all night and sleep at sunrise.

HINT:  I watch from my perch from London’s Door.

Some call me a beetle, a bird or a bug,

But I’m always a “lady” just too tiny to hug!

HINT:  Look for the giant-sized children planting in the dirt.

I look like a dog with a bushy tail

I’m sneaky and sly and make Dora wail!

HINT:  Looking for a lawyer on the corner?  Me too!  (I ate the Gingerbread man!)

I’ll never win a race at the track

But I’ve always got a home on my back.

HINT:  I don’t have much hair but if I did, I’m in a good spot for grooming. Find me under the walkway cover.

I may be hairy and scary with many legs and eyes

And I might be named Charlotte or Peter Parker depending on my size!

HINT: Walk under the breezeway lights and look up!

It only smells like the dump,

When you upset a skunk.

HINT:  A good place to meet for sweet smells and treats.

This animal will fly away,

If you want to play.

HINT:  Don’t offer this bird a cup of Joe.

It’s odd to find me flying up on a brick wall;

I swim in the water and never walk nor crawl.

HINT:  The rock bass is camped out near a village of artists.

A little bear came down from the mountain.

He’s a few blocks away from the Lady of the Fountain.

HINT:  He thinks all “little animals” are welcomed here.

Do my big claws scare you?

I would run away from you, too!

HINT:  You can select to put your money here!


Thank you to the students from ETSU Department of Art and Design, Professor Travis Graves, Johnson City Public Art, Johnson City Public Works, Connect Downtown JC and Kathy Calhoun, Donna McCalman, and Nora Jane Wexler for writing the clues. 

If you prefer your own hard copy of the scavenger hunt, feel free to print a copy here!