Founder’s Park Welcomes 5th Annual Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza

By April 7, 2016Uncategorized

Five years ago if you said the icon of a massive Orange holding a mug of craft beer would be a Tricities celebrity, folks might have thought you drank too much beer yourself.

But Brewski and the Thirsty Orange Brew Extravaganza have managed to squeeze their way to the top of the Tricities Craft Beer Scene (Yes, we have a “scene” now.)

“We’re incredibly proud of what the Thirsty Orange represents to the community, it’s brewers, and craft beer lovers around the state. It’s become a forum for trends in craft beer, and a pinnacle beer event for lovers of the craft,” said event organizer, Stephanie Carson, with SuperFly Fabulous Events.

This year, Thirsty Orange outgrew its space at the Millennium Centre and will move to Founder’s Park. The large grassy area, with a closer proximity to downtown and a scenic park, will provide a perfect space for expansion, says Carson.

“City leaders and the community supported the development of Founder’s Park and we’re excited to help showcase what it can offer in terms of events. The space is giving us plenty of room to expand our footprint to include more craft beer and cider, eye-catching entertainment and more craft vendors,” she said.

The Thirsty Orange has expanded its vendor options with people selling everything from beer bracelets to “Fairy hair”. Additionally, the festival welcomes back the Tennessee Championship of Beer, which is a medal competition among commercial breweries as well as a Home Brew Competition.

This year the festival is expanding its signature Mixology Bar with the help of Universal Wine & Spirits. The store, now with two locations in Johnson City, will offer fresh ingredients to enhance the flavor of the beers offered. Additionally, manager Matt Greene and his team have created Beer Cocktails to offer folks who visit their tent.

The morning of Thirsty Orange will be the Inaugural Running of the Beers (and Ciders). The run, sponsored by Gypsy Circus Cidery Company will circle the circumference of Founder’s Park over a 10-minute period. The people who circle the park the most number of times will win prizes and get to sample Gypsy’s new craft cider. Proceeds from the race will benefit – an organization which offers grants to individuals and families to help offset the cost of adoption.

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