Local Music Spotlight – Annabelle’s Curse

By October 4, 2019Music

Northeast Tennessee is well-known by tourists for its beautiful scenery, charming cities, rich history, and its flourishing live music scene. Local music in our region has made an impact in not only the smaller, local communities of the region, but also on a larger scale influencing and leading the way in worldwide music trends. Northeast Tennessee and Virginia are major staples in the development of modern country and bluegrass music; East Tennessee State University is the only 4-year university in the world to offer a comprehensive bluegrass music program. Northeast Tennessee is renowned for its undertaking and celebration of their local music scene with local festivals, concert series, and venues embracing and honoring local bands and artists. Each band has their own unique sound and personality.

Annabelle’s Curse is a 6-piece band rooted in Bristol, TN/VA. This indie-folk band has made a name for themselves across the southeast and mid-Atlantic region. They have played at multiple festivals and been supporting acts for big name artists, such as Anderson East, Humming House, The Black Lillies, Birds of Chicago, and HoneyHoney. The 6-piece band consists of Tim Kilbourne (vocals, banjo, guitar), Carly Booher (vocals, mandolin), Zack Edwards (guitar), Travis Goyette (percussion), Tyler Luttrell (bass), and Kirk Bagnall (auxiliary percussion).

Where did your members go to high school/college?
“Tim went to Science Hill and Saudi Daisy, Carly went to John S Battle, Tyler went to University High, Travis went to Gate City High, Kirk went to Virginia High, Zack went to Carroll County High.”

Where’s your favorite local place to perform?
“We love playing at Wolf Hills Brewing and The Willow Tree, our favorite festival/show of the year is Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion.”

Can you describe our local music scene?
“The local scene is super supportive and full of some of the best bands you will ever hear. It’s definitely a community that has helped us grow.”

How have you seen our local music scene adapt and change over the years?
“It has become much more diverse while also embracing the heritage of the traditional music that put our area on the map.”

Can you describe your sound?
“Most people would probably place us in the Alternative or Indie Folk genre, but we’ve been pushing our boundaries outside of those boundaries the last few years.”

What makes your band unique?
“We are just some normal people playing music that we like. At the end of the day we are just a combination of other music and hopefully we put our own spin on it.”

What region/area is the members of your band from?
“Travis, Carly, and Kirk are from Bristol. Tim was raised in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Johnson City, Zack is from Galax, Virginia, and Tyler is from Johnson City.”

What’s your favorite part about living in this area?
“Definitely the natural beauty. We are all nature lovers and the outdoor opportunities are endless around here.”

What local bands have inspired or motivated you?
“That’s a tough one because there are so many good bands here. We’ve got tons of friends that we’ve shared stages and tours with but to name a few Virginia Ground, Amythyst Kiah, Folk Soul Revival, 49 Winchester, Adam Bolt, and Beth Snapp. Again, it’s hard to pick favorites but those are a few we love.”

Lastly, if you could spend a day doing anything in this area where would you go and what would you do?
“Probably just go hike to the top of a mountain or a waterfall. The natural world never seems to get old.”