Founders Park

The lush greenspace that greets visitors and residents as they enter our downtown district from the west, was designed through a storm water retention project. The lovely creek that flows through the center of the park was developed to help with a flooding problem that had troubled the downtown area for decades.

Now, you will find folks taking a casual stroll on a splendid day, others admiring the sculptures that have been placed by the Public Arts Committee, musicians enjoying the open air pavilion and children flying a kite on the great lawn. The five acre water greenway has become a place to relax and enjoy nature as well as a catalyst for revitalization for downtown.

The address for your GPS to find Founders Park is 120 Commerce St, Johnson City, TN 37604

King Commons

Located in downtown Johnson City, King Commons Park encompasses three acres of recreational and event space, including winding paths and the Wildabout mural, that showcases animals that are indigenous to our area.

Make sure you get your picture made with the Johnson City Landmark Sign – to show people where you are! King Commons is also a great place to begin the Wildabout Walkabout Scavenger Hunt!

Make sure you enjoy some time in King Commons in the evening under the Passion Flowers. Commissioned to celebrate the City’s 150th Anniversary, they have 150 color changing LED filaments.

Also in King Commons is the newest playground in Johnson City. Designed for kids to enjoy natural elements, much of the park is created with logs to climb on, ropes to swing from and a great hill to roll down. Also, the Johnson City  Public Library has created a great storywalk. Come enjoy a beautiful day in King Commons!

112 Commerce Street
Johnson City, Tennessee