To recognize and appreciate our rich history, its connection to the present and the bridge to our future
Sesquicentennial Legacy Project

Create an interactive public space that hosts an all-inclusive, multi-generational, awe-inspiring project that will be widely used to promote a healthy, active lifestyle and sense of community pride and engagement, which will impact the local economy and positively transform the downtown landscape.

A two-part Legacy Project located in the King Commons area of downtown will include a Natural Adventure Area with state-of-the-art play features to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities as well as a History Plaza that will incorporate important historical dates and facts relevant to Johnson City’s heritage. The City has dedicated $1.3 million to this project, with the remainder of funding to funnel in from private fundraising dollars and/or grants.

Downtown parks tend to increase urban visitor’s dwell times (the length of time that they remain in the downtown area). Research has shown that the longer consumers remain in the urban shopping area, one can expect higher average retail sales. A study by Path Intelligence found that for every 1 percent increase in a consumer’s length of stay in the shopping area, sales increase by 1.3 percent. As retail sales rise, property values, rents and tax collections increase. Successful branding can provide a marketing edge when competing against neighboring communities in efforts to attract Millennial’s relocating from large, congested urban areas and the business investment that accompanies downtown growth. In short, this can be transforming for Johnson City, especially the downtown area!

Dr. Jon Smith, Associate Professor of Economics at ETSU

Director of Bureau of Business & Economic Research

Good communities offer a place to sit, level sidewalks and trees. It takes more to be exceptional. For exceptional place making, you have to create environments that instill pride in the residents, invite greater interaction between people and foster healthier, more social and economically viable communities. The Legacy Project has the ability to create the exceptional. It will drive more business to downtown, will engage residents and visitors and provide for a pleasant experience on a daily basis for those who live and work downtown. We have already seen what Founders Park has been able to provide our community, the expansion of King Commons will create even more excitement to be downtown.

Dianna Cantler, Director of Downtown Development, JCDA 

Northeast TN Partnership

Recognition titles representing donation levels were creatively formed from characteristics that depict the character of our Founding Father of Johnson City, Mr. Henry Johnson. These classifications provide the ties that connect our Past to the Present and Future.

$250,000+      Legacy Circle

$100,000        Johnson’s Depot Society

$50,000          Railway Expansionist

 $30,000         Educational Ally

$15,000           Industrialist

$1,500             Early Pioneer

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